About YoDas Program

  • What is the YoDaS (Young Data Scientist) program?

    YoDaS program is an 8-week paid training program designed by the data science team at Climate Connect Digital (CC/D). It will ramp-up your python and data science skills by providing everything you need to become a leading data scientist.

  • Who can be the part of this program? Are there any prerequisites or language requirements?

    There are no prerequisites to apply for the program; anyone who wants to become a data scientist can apply for this course. This program is open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older. Once you apply for the course application, there would be a screening test & an interview. Basis that you’ll be given an offer to join the course. The course is taught in English language.

Registration Process & Financial Consideration

  • How do I register?

    Registration is available on our website. Just follow these simple steps: Click the “Apply Now” button in the top right corner of your screen and submit the application form.

  • When should I register?

    You can apply at any time of the year but your application will be considered when a new batch starts. In a year there are approximately four batches for the YoDaS program.

  • Do I have to pay something to join the program?

    There is no application fees. Selected candidates for the program will get paid a stipend for the duration of the program.

  • What are the terms & conditions?

    A candidate will receive a stipend and a certificate only after successful completion of the course.

  • I have applied for the course, now what?

    After submitting the application form, you will receive a link for the screening test followed by a virtual interview with Climate Connect Digital team. On qualifying the same you will receive an offer to join the program on immediate basis for the upcoming batch.

How it Works – The Online Learning Experience

  • Do I need to qualify/go through any selection process to attend the program?

    1. Apply for the course & submit your application
    2. Screening test & interview
    3. Offer to join the program

  • What do expect in a screening test?

    An applicant has to undergo a screening test which is about 1 hour 30 minute duration.
    It contains 4 Sections:
    20 Aptitude MCQs
    12 Statistics MCQs
    15 ML MCQs
    4 Python Programming Questions
    The test gives a fair view of the candidates and based on their scores we move forward with the interview round.

  • Is this a regular program? Do I need to leave my current job to attend?

    It's an 8-week training program and we do not expect you to leave your job for the program.

  • Can I participate in the program from my home?

    Yes, you can join from any part of the world as long as you can get good internet connectivity.

  • What topics will I learn through this entire program?

    Please go and check "Your Journey" section of the website to know more about what all we will be covering through out the course.

  • Do I need specific equipment to take the Online Course?

    You should have an up-to-date web browser such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Our Online Courses can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection for certain course components.

  • What language/s will I get to learn during the program tenure?


  • Is there any orientation for online students?

    We start the course with a kick-off call where you get to meet the senior members of the company who talks about the history, culture and vision of the company.

  • What should I do if I need to start the course late?

    It is recommended that you begin your course promptly. If you do need to start the course a few days late, contact your instructor as soon as possible after the course has commenced discussing your options.

Course Completion- The Path Ahead

  • Do I get a full-time role at Climate Connect Digital after the completion of the program?

    There will be a final interview with the Chief Technology Strategist and Head of AI at the end of the program and an offer will be rolled out to the best performers.

  • Do I get a certificate post completion of the program?

    Candidate who will successfully complete the course will join the graduation ceremony at our headquater in Delhi and will be fecilitated with a certificate by Climate Connect Digital leaders.

  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

    Program co-ordinator/ leader Akash Gandhi (

Next batch starts from August 2022 to September 2022